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Health Insurance Explained in Detail

Medical care may be needed at some or the other point during the life journey. This is often expensive and hence buying a health insurance policy is deemed as an integral part of financial planning. Health insurance policy has to be bought after checking all the features and coverage.

When you buy a policy, the insurance company would agree to pay complete or a part of medical costs when you get sick or hospitalized. Few even cover the drugs used during hospitalization. Health insurance company cover the insured person with cashless hospitalization at any of their network hospitals or would provide reimbursement of incurred expenses.

Choose the best company by comparing all the health insurance plans available which best suits your health needs. Every single health insurance company is offering a variety of plans with different features included. Few plans appear to cost less yet they would consist riders implying loss when you actually file a claim. High premium plans may include features which may not come to use throughout your lifetime. Hence choosing proper plan is most vital to get the required financial support when needed.

Rely on genuine websites that give reliable info being unbiased regarding the companies and plans. Buying a health plan online would be pocket friendly where you get exposed to wide range of plans and a chance to compare them with each other and finally can opt the one suiting your budget. Buying online would avoid brokerage or agent fees that are usually levied.

Factors to be considered while buying a health insurance policy

Choosing the best is not an easy task. The following are the guidelines which makes the process easier and simpler. You can make an informed decision by considering the reputation of the insurer.

Sum assured: You need to focus on the maximum sum assured at the best possible rate of your choice.

Accurate information: You are advised to provide complete and correct information regarding your health status in the proposal form. Mismatch in the info or inaccurate details may finally result in the rejection of your claim.

Premium: There are few factors that would influence the premium of health policy. They include proposer’s family health history, life history, lifestyle, habits that are taken into account.

Credibility: Go through the history of claim redressal of insurance company in which you are planning to buy the policy. Consider the customer experience by going through online reviews to know its genuinity. After sales service and customer support needs to be up to the mark offering high grade customer satisfaction. Try to know the claim process to avoid rush at the eleventh hour.

Beneficial features of policies

Various plans are available to cater to every aspect of your medical needs. Any person who needs regular check ups cannot bear the expenses associated. Comprehensive plans are packed with features associated with managing medical emergencies along with preventive health care.

Cashless treatment: Insurance companies would have tie ups with a set of empanelled hospitals. Getting admitted into these hospitals, you will have to pay nothing literally. This plan would relieve you from the hassle of claim reimbursement process and documentation.

Pre and post hospitalization expenses: This feature of the policy would assist you at both pre and post hospitalization costs. A particular number of days prior to hospitalization and after the hospitalization are considered as part of claim. All this expenditure is born by the company.

No claim bonus: This is provided to the insured if no claim has been filed in the previous year. This would be either an increment to the sum assured or a discount in the premium.